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Ask Anne Marie

Welcome to my new forum!

Over the years, I have taught cleaning and sanitization of cleanrooms and have addressed many concerns and questions.

With the current limitations of meetings and conferences, this new online Question and Answer forum will cover a variety of subjects. There will be a series of four 30 minute Zoom calls, 1 per week over 4 weeks. The initial 4 calls will address cleaning challenges. Future topics will include gowning, standards, environmental monitoring, training, etc.

These 30-minute calls will address pre-submitted questions (only one question per signup per week). By submitting your questions in advance, your company and your identity are protected. This also allows me to respond on the call to numerous questions in a short time. If there is any time remaining, I can address open questions on the call.

Zoom Sessions

The Zoom sessions will be each Wednesday at 
11:00 am EST, 8:00 am PST.

The four topics will be:

  • June 09 - Floors
  • June 16 - Support areas - gownrooms and airlocks
  • June 23 - Critical work surfaces (exteriors only)
  • June 30 - Elimination of ceiling cleaning

Question Submission

Your questions should be clear - but not so general that it is difficult to respond in this type of forum.

A good example would be “how often do I change mop heads?”

Questions will be answered during the session, not in print.

The sessions will not be recorded.


Once you have registered, I will send you an email with the Zoom information and ask you to submit your question by return e-mail. For each session, I will be sending you the Zoom link and request your question for the upcoming session.

The one-time cost is $200.00 and covers all 4 sessions. No need to register more than once! Space is limited.

I am excited about this opportunity to assist you and welcome your questions.

Click the button below to register.

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